Without Tekken local playerbase dries upFebruary 25th 2020, 11:35:05 am

Tekken 7 is the king of local fighting game scene

Last weekend we had our 3rd offline event for the season. We thought to try something new and didn't include Tekken 7 as one of the games. Reasoning was simple - we wanted to bring in more Street Fighter players from the local scene, but there was no effect. Overall attendence was very low, which in return made every Top 3 fully dominated by team VGE.

We had 2 new players to join the season - local veteran Zero and newcomer ProAngel, who also is a fresh recruit for team Alpha. Mainly Tekken player, but willing to play everything.

Saturday day was filled with 3 tournaments - Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11 and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. In BlazBlue Goose did the same thing he did in Latvia at WinterCon - just bodied everybody and took home his second win of the season. Congratulations.

Mortal Kombat 11 went pretty much as expected, but there was some surprises. VGE | Jackler lost to his teammate VGE | PokaDii in pools, after winning Jackler PokaDii lost all other games and left the tournament in 7th place. Jackler went on to the winners finals, where he met BacklotScum and lost 3-1. Meanwhile on the losers side VGE | Hevix counted bodies, one after another, slowly taking the wins. She even won her former teammate Alpha | Cerberus in losers semi 3-0. Last time they met in Latvia, she lost. She then met Jackler in losers finals and game were close. Jackler was ahead 2-1, but Hevix kept coming back and refused to die. So she took the game to the last game and last round, but Jackler used his tournament experience to wear her down in carner pressure and 50/50. This is the first ever Top 3 for Hevix, so congratulations. Grand finals started with surprise, as Jackler did 3-1 reset, but then BacklotScum went back to the old faithful Kollector and collected the 3-1 win and second tournament win for the season.

Street Fighter V was a wild card, since no actual loyalist showed up, then people thought that VGE | eiolekassi is the likly winner and that seemed to be the case after he won Jackler 3-2 in winners final. VGE | BacklotScum is new to the Street Fighter, but refused to go down and one after another made his way into the losers finals, where he was able to get 1 game off Jackler, but sadly wasn't able to stop the rushdown and jumping mid kick of Nash. Jackler and eiolekassi met again in grand finals, where eiolekassi first started with Sagat. After losing the set 3-1, going also to the losers, he swhitched to Lucia. Lucia did work in winners finals, but Jackler was hard to stop. Jackler took the set 3-1 and winning the first tournament of Season 2.

VGE Discord for the EFGL. Please make sure to join here: https://discord.gg/2WXydVz so we can discuss the league and events.

Event on Smash.gg - https://smash.gg/tournament/battle-arena-2d-sfv-mk11-and-bb-cross-tag/details